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R. Sharma, T. S. Huang, V. I. Pavlovic, K. Schulten, A. Dalke, J. Phillips, M. Zeller, W. Humphrey, Y. Zhao, Z. Lo, and S. Chu. Speech/gesture interface to a visual computing environment for molecular biologists. In Proceedings of 13th ICPR 96, volume 3, pp. 964-968, 1996.

SHAR96 Recent progress in 3-D, immersive display and virtual reality (VR) technologies has made possible many exciting applications, for example, interactive visualization of complex scientific data. To fully exploit this potential there is a need for ``natural'' interfaces that allow the manipulation of such displays without cumbersome attachments. In this paper we describe the use of visual hand gesture analysis and speech recognition for developing a speech/gesture interface for controlling a 3-D display. The interface enhances an existing application, VMD, which is a VR visual computing environment for molecular biologists. The free hand gestures are used for manipulating the 3-D graphical display together with a set of speech commands. We describe the visual gesture analysis and the speech analysis techniques used in developing this interface. The dual modality of speech/gesture is found to greatly aid the interaction capability.

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