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Santosh K. Misra, Goutam Ghoshal, Manas R. Gartia, Zhe Wu, Mao Ye, Corinne R. Bromfield, Emery M. Williams, Krishnarao V. Tangella, Klaus Schulten, Partha S. Ray, Everette C. Burdette, and Dipanjan Pan. Tri-Modal therapy: Combining hyperthermia with repurposed bexarotene and ultrasound for treating liver cancer. ACS Nano, 9:10695-10718, 2015. (PMC: PMC4820022)

MISR2015 Repurposing of existing cancer drugs to overcome their physical limitations, such as insolubility, represents an attractive strategy to achieve enhanced therapeutic efficacy and broaden the range of clinical applications. Such an approach also promises to offer substantial cost savings in drug development efforts. Here we use repurposed FDA- approved topical agent bexarotene (Targretin$^{TM}$), currently in limited use for cutaneous manifestations of T-cell lymphomas, and re-engineer it for use in solid tumor applications by forming self-assembling nanobubbles. Physico-chemical characterization studies of the novel prodrug nanobubbles demonstrated their stability, enhanced target cell-internalization capability and highly controlled release profile in response to application of focused ultrasound energy. Using an in vitro model of hepatocellular carcinoma and an in vivo large animal model of liver ablation, we demonstrate the effectiveness of bexarotene prodrug nanobubbles when used in conjunction with catheter- based ultrasound, thereby highlighting the therapeutic promise of this trimodal approach.

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