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Xiche Hu, Thorsten Ritz, Ana Damjanović, Felix Autenrieth, and Klaus Schulten. Photosynthetic apparatus of purple bacteria. Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics, 35:1-62, 2002.

HU2002 This article reviews work accomplished during the past decade on the structure and function of the photosynthetic unit of purple bacteria with a main focus on the light harvesting component. The photosynthetic unit exists as aggregates of proteins in the intracellular membranes of these bacteria; the units absorb sun light and utilize its energy for the synthesis of ATP. The light harvesting component involves ring-shape proteins that surround directly in the form of satellite rings the so-called reaction center. The structure of the proteins as established through a combination of experimental and computational methods is reviewed. The proteins provide a scaffold for a hierarchical aggregate of chlorophylls and carotenoids that funnel electronic excitation towards the reaction center. The physics of this process is reviewed in detail. Finally, the genomic level organization of the light harvesting system is summarized.

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