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Jens Frauenfeld, James Gumbart, Eli O. van der Sluis, Soledad Funes, Marco Gartmann, Birgitta Beatrix, Thorsten Mielke, Otto Berninghausen, Thomas Becker, Klaus Schulten, and Roland Beckmann. Cryo-EM structure of the ribosome-SecYE complex in the membrane environment. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 18:614-621, 2011. (PMC: PMC3412285)

FRAU2011 The ubiquitous SecY/Sec61-complex acts as protein-conducting channel (PCC) translocating nascent secretory proteins across and integrating membrane proteins into lipid bilayers. This can occur cotranslationally with the ribosome directly bound to the PCC. We present a cryo-electron microscopy structure of the ribosome-bound SecYEG complex in the lipid environment, reconstituted into so-called Nanodiscs. In addition to the canonical ribosome-SecYEG contacts, the presence of a membrane allowed the identification of ribosome-lipid interactions. The rRNA helix 59 (H59) directly contacts the lipid surface and appears to modulate the membrane in immediate vicinity to the proposed lateral gate of the PCC. Combining existing biochemical and structural data with our results, we propose a model of a signal anchor-gated PCC in the membrane.

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