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Robert Divko and Klaus Schulten. Hierarchical spin model for stereo interpretation using phase sensitive detectors. In R. Eckmiller, G. Hartmann, and G. Hauske, editors, Parallel Processing in Neural Systems and Computers, pp. 335-338. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1990.

DIVK90 The property of physical spin systems to assume long range order is exploited to establish global depth interpretation of real scene stereo pairs. We choose spins to code for local disparity between corresponding pixels in both pictures [1]. The energy of the spin system entails a field contribution, which incorporates the information on the stereo images, and an attractive interaction between aligned neighboring feature spins, which implements the continuity property of disparities. The energy function is chosen in a way that the ground state of the feature spin system - found by simulated annealing [2] - corresponds to the best global depth interpretation of the stereo pair. Disparity detectors, based on relative phase measurements between left and right picture, yield information on the local field.

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