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Julian Deeng, Kwok-Yan Chan, Eli O. van der Sluis, Lukas Bischoff, Otto Berninghausen, Wei Han, James Gumbart, Klaus Schulten, Birgitta Beatrix, and Roland Beckmann. Dynamic behavior of trigger factor on the ribosome. Journal of Molecular Biology, 428:3588-3602, 2016.

DEEN2016 Trigger factor is the only ribosome-associated chaperone in bacteria. It interacts with hydrophobic segments in nascent chains as they emerge from the ribosome. TF binds via its N-terminal ribosome-binding domain (RBD) mainly to ribosomal protein uL23 at the tunnel exit on the large ribosomal subunit. Whereas earlier structural data suggested that TF binds as a rigid molecule to the ribosome, recent comparisons of structural data on substrate-bound, ribosome-bound and TF in solution from different species suggest that this chaperone is a rather flexible molecule. Here we present two cryo-EM structures of TF bound to ribosomes translating an mRNA coding for a known TF substrate from E. coli of different length. The structures reveal distinct degrees of flexibility for the different TF domains, a conformational rearrangement of the RBD upon ribosome binding and an increase in rigidity within TF when the nascent chain is extended. Molecular dynamics simulations agree with these data and offer a molecular basis for these observations.

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