Neural Computation

  • 0. Introduction and Overview
  • 1. Contemporary View of Brain Function
  • 2. Biological Background
  • 3. Neural Network Models
  • 4. Kohonen's Network Model
  • 5. Kohonen's Network for Modeling the Auditory Cortex of a Bat
  • 6. Application to the "Travelling Salesman Problem"
  • 7. Modeling of the Somatopic Map
  • 8. Extension of Kohonen's Model
  • 9. The Oculomotor System: A Biological Example
  • 10. Problems of Robot Control
  • 11. Visuomotor Coordination of a Robot Arm
  • 12. Control of a Manipulator by a Hierarchical Map
  • 13. Learning Ballistic Movements of a Robot Arm
  • 14. Mathematical Analysis of Kohonen's Model
  • 15. Local Linear Mappings
  • Bibliography

  • Neural Computation and Self-Organizing Maps - An Introduction

    by Helge Ritter, Thomas Martinetz, and Klaus Schulten
    Addison-Wesley, New York, 1992

    About the Book:

    This book is a comprehensive introduction to neural networks and neural information processing.  It describes the most important models of neural networks and how they contribute to our understanding of information and organization processes in the brain.  One of the few generally recognized organizational principles of the nervous system, the development of cortical feature maps (brain maps), is described in detail, and the reader is introduced to the biological background and the mathematical properties of self-organizing maps as important functional building blocks of the brain. Examples show how neural networks can solve important information processing tasks, including the development of sensory maps, the traveling salesman problem, and visuomotor control of robots.