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fortread.h File Reference

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "endianswap.h"

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#define FORT_RECLEN_32BIT   4
#define FORT_RECLEN_64BIT   8


int fort_eat_recmark (FILE *ifp, int recmarklen)
int fort_get_endian_reclen (int reclen, int word0, int word1, int *swap, int *recmarklen)
int fortread_4 (void *dest, int n, int swap, FILE *fd)
void strnwscpy (char *target, const char *source, const int len)

Define Documentation

#define FORT_RECLEN_32BIT   4

Definition at line 30 of file fortread.h.

Referenced by fort_get_endian_reclen.

#define FORT_RECLEN_64BIT   8

Definition at line 31 of file fortread.h.

Referenced by fort_eat_recmark, and fort_get_endian_reclen.

Function Documentation

int fort_eat_recmark FILE *    ifp,
int    recmarklen

Definition at line 36 of file fortread.h.

References FORT_RECLEN_64BIT.

int fort_get_endian_reclen int    reclen,
int    word0,
int    word1,
int *    swap,
int *    recmarklen

Definition at line 55 of file fortread.h.

References FORT_RECLEN_32BIT, FORT_RECLEN_64BIT, and swap4_aligned.

int fortread_4 void *    dest,
int    n,
int    swap,
FILE *    fd

Definition at line 103 of file fortread.h.

References swap4_aligned.

Referenced by open_fs4_read, open_grid_read, read_fs4_data, and read_grid_data.

void strnwscpy char *    target,
const char *    source,
const int    len

Definition at line 133 of file fortread.h.

Referenced by get_psf_atom.

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