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LMPlugin Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Methods

 LMPlugin (const char *file)
unsigned int get_nframe () const
unsigned int get_natoms () const
int read_structure (int *optflags, molfile_atom_t *atoms)
int read_bonds (int *nbonds, int **from, int **to, float **bondorder, int **bondtype, int *nbondtypes, char ***bondtypename)
int read_timestep (molfile_timestep_t *ts)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LMPlugin::LMPlugin const char *    file [inline]

Definition at line 833 of file lmplugin.C.

References VMDCON_INFO.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int LMPlugin::get_natoms   const [inline]

Definition at line 895 of file lmplugin.C.

Referenced by open_read.

unsigned int LMPlugin::get_nframe   const [inline]

Definition at line 894 of file lmplugin.C.

int LMPlugin::read_bonds int *    nbonds,
int **    from,
int **    to,
float **    bondorder,
int **    bondtype,
int *    nbondtypes,
char ***    bondtypename

Definition at line 917 of file lmplugin.C.

Referenced by read_bonds.

int LMPlugin::read_structure int *    optflags,
molfile_atom_t   atoms

Definition at line 898 of file lmplugin.C.


Referenced by read_structure.

int LMPlugin::read_timestep molfile_timestep_t   ts [inline]

Definition at line 937 of file lmplugin.C.

References molfile_timestep_t::coords, H5File::get_dataset, MOLFILE_EOF, particle_int_t, molfile_timestep_t::physical_time, and site_int_t.

Referenced by read_timestep.

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