Diary of the 2003 Summer School on Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

Tuesday, June 3 -- Han Liang

Today I am quite excited because I am going to learn molecular dynamics, which is the core of this summer school. After learning about the great power of VMD yesterday, I really look forward to using NAMD today. Han Liang

The lectures in the morning give us several vivid examples how molecular dynamics can help us to think and get quantitative results. During the lectures, many ideas just come into my mind: ha, maybe I can do this! The same calculations can be applied to my protein. That is cool!
"Now I feel much more confident and have so much motivation to do something."

The hands-on session is really fantastic! Following the tutorials, a system is easily set up. Although many details are still not fully understood, I can really sit down and play with MD! Before I came to Urbana, I really worried about whether I can learn MD in such a short time, especially being a newcomer. Now I feel much more confident and have so much motivation to do something.

At night, there is a great banquet! Another good point about the summer school is to see many many new faces and make many many friends. And Prof. Schulten gave very wise open remarks. I love some sentences and record them here: "The most important thing in science is to have fun! The number is not absolute; more important is to use one's brain to make sense of the numbers. When we do computational biology at least we don't kill anybody!" I will surely remember them in the rest of my life. This is really a wonderful day! Thank all your guys!

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