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Scene Member List

This is the complete list of members for Scene, including all inherited members.
activate_adv_light(int n, int turnon)Scene
activate_light(int n, int turnon)Scene
add_color_category(const char *catname)Scene [inline]
add_color_item(int cat_id, const char *name, int init_color)Scene [inline]
adv_light_active(int n) constScene [inline]
adv_light_attenuation(int n, float constant, float linear, float quad)Scene
adv_light_color(int n) constScene
adv_light_color_default(int n) constScene
adv_light_get_attenuation(int n, float &constant, float &linear, float &quad) constScene
adv_light_get_spotlight(int n, float &fallstart, float &fallend, int &spoton) constScene
adv_light_highlighted(int) constScene [inline]
adv_light_pos(int n) constScene
adv_light_pos_default(int n) constScene
adv_light_spotlight(int n, float *spotdir, float fallstart, float fallend, int spoton)Scene
category_index(const char *catname) constScene [inline]
category_item_index(int cat, const char *item) constScene [inline]
category_item_name(int cat, int item) constScene [inline]
category_item_value(int cat, const char *item) constScene [inline]
category_item_value(int cat, int item) constScene [inline]
category_name(int cat) constScene [inline]
color_default_value(int n) constScene [inline]
color_index(const char *name) constScene [inline]
color_name(int n) constScene [inline]
color_value(int n) constScene [inline]
colorscale_method() constScene [inline]
colorscale_method_name(int n) constScene [inline]
colorscale_value(float *mid, float *min, float *max) constScene [inline]
define_adv_light(int n, const float *color, const float *position, float constant, float linear, float quad, float *spotdir, float fallstart, float fallend, int spoton)Scene
define_light(int n, const float *color, const float *position)Scene
draw(DisplayDevice *)Scene [virtual]
filedraw(FileRenderer *, const char *, DisplayDevice *)Scene
get_category_item(int cat_id, int item)Scene [inline]
get_colorscale_colors(int whichScale, float min[3], float mid[3], float max[3])Scene
highlight_adv_light(int, int)Scene [inline]
highlight_light(int, int)Scene [inline]
light_active(int n) constScene [inline]
light_color(int n) constScene
light_color_default(int n) constScene
light_highlighted(int) constScene [inline]
light_pos(int n) constScene
light_pos_default(int n) constScene
move_adv_light(int n, const float *)Scene
move_light(int n, const float *)Scene
nearest_index(float r, float g, float b) constScene
num_categories() constScene [inline]
num_category_items(int cat) constScene [inline]
num_colors() constScene [inline]
num_colorscale_methods() constScene [inline]
num_regular_colors() constScene [inline]
prepare()Scene [virtual]
rotate_light(int n, float theta, char axis)Scene
set_background_mode(int mode)Scene
set_category_item(int cat_id, int item, int color)Scene [inline]
set_color_value(int n, const float *rgb)Scene [inline]
set_colorscale_colors(int whichScale, const float min[3], const float mid[3], const float max[3])Scene
set_colorscale_method(int method)Scene [inline]
set_colorscale_value(float min, float mid, float max)Scene [inline]
~Scene(void)Scene [virtual]

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