Re: Charm++ nodelist commands

From: Gadi Oron (
Date: Mon Dec 22 2003 - 11:30:55 CST

Hi again Alex,

<quote who="Alexandre Vakhrouchev">

> Hi again!
> Please tell me the reason why do you need using
> Linux+Win platforms for your calculations?
> As for me I tested some my programs on C++
> compiling in Windows and Linux. For example
> one test prog was completed under Windows within 50 seconds,
> while running under Linux it was finished under 23 seconds... and
> that is not the _limit_

Well, I have access to 11 CPUS under linux and 40 under Windows desktops
which are nearly 100% idle. So it is clear that I may gain a lot of CPU
time running NAMD on those.

> If you don't want to install Linux on your Windows hosts,
> you can use Clustermatic distribution for loading your slave
> hosts from CD.

This is an interesting option, but it has some issues:
- These are desktops, and it would be hard for me to run arround inserting
the CDs rebooting etc. I might do it through PXE, bu still, it is a
- I could use them only during WE/nights
- NAMD (unlike PVM) does not manage disconnecting/reconnecting hosts, so
the simulation will crash whenever a client stops (correct me if I am wrong)

> Avoid using Windows (don't trust them). I'm jocking (partly))))

I am a great believer of Linux/Unix, but well, the others are not allways
like me :-))

Best regards.

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