Re: Charm++ nodelist commands

From: Alexandre Vakhrouchev (
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 11:36:11 CST

Hi again!

Please tell me the reason why do you need using
Linux+Win platforms for your calculations?
As for me I tested some my programs on C++
compiling in Windows and Linux. For example
one test prog was completed under Windows within 50 seconds,
while running under Linux it was finished under 23 seconds... and
that is not the _limit_

If you don't want to install Linux on your Windows hosts,
you can use Clustermatic distribution for loading your slave
hosts from CD.

Avoid using Windows (don't trust them). I'm jocking (partly))))


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> Thank you for your help.
> > My oppinion is to exclude Win** from your
> > calculations)))
> So the conclusion is that mixing platforms is impossible with
> I've tried it (just in case) and it simply does not work (RSH or charmd),
> even though IMHO there is no endian/int size issues (i386 Linux to
> Win2K+Cygwin on i386).
> This is a pity, since it would have allowed me to harness a lot of
> power for my simulation :-(
> BTW: Does charm++ uses PVM? I've noticed PVM files in the Charm++
> but I can't figure out where it is used.
> Again, many thanks for your efforts.
> -Gadi

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