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AlgNbor Class Reference

#include <AlgNbor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AlgNbor (int pe, computeInfo *computeArray, patchInfo *patchArray, processorInfo *processorArray, int nComps, int nPatches, int nPes, int nNbs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rebalancer
 Rebalancer (computeInfo *computeArray, patchInfo *patchArray, processorInfo *processorArray, int nComps, int nPatches, int nPes)
 ~Rebalancer ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from Rebalancer
typedef pcpair pcgrid [3][3][2]
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Rebalancer
int isAvailableOn (patchInfo *patch, processorInfo *p)
void numAvailable (computeInfo *c, processorInfo *p, int *nPatches, int *nProxies, int *isBadForCommunication)
void refine_togrid (pcgrid &grid, double thresholdLoad, processorInfo *p, computeInfo *c)
void strategy ()
void makeHeaps ()
void makeTwoHeaps ()
void assign (computeInfo *c, processorInfo *pRec)
void assign (computeInfo *c, int p)
void deAssign (computeInfo *c, processorInfo *pRec)
int refine ()
void multirefine (double overload_start=1.02)
void printSummary ()
void printResults ()
void printLoads (int phase=0)
double computeAverage ()
void adjustBackgroundLoadAndComputeAverage ()
double computeMax ()
void createSpanningTree ()
void decrSTLoad ()
void incrSTLoad ()
void InitProxyUsage ()
void brickDim (int a, int b, int dim, int &min, int &max)
int withinBrick (int x, int y, int z, int xm, int xM, int dimX, int ym, int yM, int dimY, int zm, int zM, int dimZ)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Rebalancer
int bytesPerAtom
ProxyUsage proxyUsage
const char * strategyName
int P
int numPatches
int numComputes
int numProxies
int numPesAvailable
double averageLoad
double origMaxLoad
int firstAssignInRefine
double overLoad

Detailed Description

Copyright (c) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 by The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. All rights reserved.

Definition at line 13 of file AlgNbor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AlgNbor::AlgNbor ( int  pe,
computeInfo computeArray,
patchInfo patchArray,
processorInfo processorArray,
int  nComps,
int  nPatches,
int  nPes,
int  nNbs 

Definition at line 14 of file AlgNbor.C.

References Rebalancer::strategyName.

16  :
17  Rebalancer(computeArray, patchArray,
18  processorArray, nComps,
19  nPatches, nPes)
20 {
21 strategyName = "AlgNbor";
22 mype = pe;
23 nNbors = nNbs;
24 strategy();
25 }
Rebalancer(computeInfo *computeArray, patchInfo *patchArray, processorInfo *processorArray, int nComps, int nPatches, int nPes)
Definition: Rebalancer.C:27
const char * strategyName
Definition: Rebalancer.h:127

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