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md_file Struct Reference

#include <Gromacs.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

FILE * f
int fmt
int prec
int rev

Member Data Documentation

FILE* md_file::f

Definition at line 138 of file Gromacs.h.

Referenced by close_tpr_read, g96_countatoms, g96_timestep, gro_header, mdio_close, mdio_header, mdio_open, mdio_readline, mdio_timeskip, mdio_timestep, open_tpr_read, put_trx_int, put_trx_real, put_trx_string, read_g96_structure, read_gro_structure, read_groups, read_tpr_timestep, readtprAfterPrecision, tpr_save_string, tpr_string, trx_double, trx_header, trx_int, trx_long, trx_real, trx_string, trx_timeskip, write_gro_timestep, xtc_at_header_start, xtc_data, xtc_float, xtc_int, xtc_timeskip, and xtc_timestep.

int md_file::fmt

Definition at line 139 of file Gromacs.h.

Referenced by mdio_header, mdio_open, mdio_timeskip, mdio_timestep, trx_header, trx_timeskip, trx_timestep, write_trr_timestep, xtc_timeskip, and xtc_timestep.

int md_file::prec

Definition at line 140 of file Gromacs.h.

Referenced by open_tpr_read, open_trr_write, trx_header, trx_real, and trx_timeskip.

int md_file::rev

Definition at line 141 of file Gromacs.h.

Referenced by open_tpr_read, open_trr_write, put_trx_int, put_trx_real, trx_double, trx_header, trx_int, trx_long, and trx_real.

trx_hdr* md_file::trx

Definition at line 142 of file Gromacs.h.

Referenced by mdio_close, mdio_header, mdio_open, trx_header, trx_timeskip, and trx_timestep.

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