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List of Figures

  1. Sample VMD session displaying myoglobin.
  2. The Main form
  3. The Molecules form
  4. The Files form
  5. The Graphics form (in Image Controls mode)
  6. The Graphics form (in Atom Name Lists mode)
  7. The Animate form
  8. The Edit Animation form
  9. The Labels form
  10. The Display form
  11. Relationship between screen height (SCRHEIGHT), screen distance to origin (SCRDIST), and the viewer
  12. The Color form
  13. The Material Form
  14. The Render form
  15. The Sequence form
  16. The RamaPlot Window
  17. The Tracker form
  18. RGB color scale: the three plots shows the contributions of each color, and the resulting colors are on the bottom.
  19. The shift to the red component of the RGB scale caused by the value of ``min''.
  20. RMS Calculation Tk menu
  21. RMS Alignment Tk menu