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VMD development frequently asked questions

When I try to compile VMD I get the error message: cannot find "vmdplugin.h"; what should I do?

You must compile the VMD plugin library before you begin compiling VMD itself. Please see the plugin programmer's documentation for information on compilation of the VMD plugins.

When I try to compile VMD I get the error message: CC: Not found; what should I do?

That means the C++ compiler could not be found. Check your path or install your vendor's C++ tools. If you do not have the commercial CC compiler, you could build VMD using gcc/g++. This is typically only an issue on platforms like AIX, HP-UX, Tru64, and Solaris where the current build settings for VMD target the vendor-provided development tools. We use the vendor compilers for VMD as they tend to have the best performance, as well as good support for OpenGL etc.

When I try to compile VMD, I get an error message stating "tcl.h non-existant." What is wrong?

You should be aware that pre-compiled binaries for all mainstream platforms can be directly downloaded from the VMD ftp site. If you still feel you need to re-compile VMD, these messages indicate that you will have to download some of the libraries VMD requires for compilation. See the document on Compiling VMD from source code for more information on what libraries must be installed prior to building VMD.

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