namdEnergy execution issue -path for namd2 in server

From: Khoualdi Asma Feriel (
Date: Wed Dec 30 2020 - 23:23:08 CST

I am using namdenergy on the server and while executing the attached script, I got the following error message:

 namdEnergy) Running:
 namdEnergy) namd-temp.namd

 couldn't execute "": no such file or directory

Hence, to solve this issue, I tried to find the path to the executable file "namd" in my server and I found the following path which I thought that it will solve the error:


However, I ended up having another error "permission denied" while the VMD trying to execute namd-multicore and below is the generated error message:

namdEnergy) Running:

namdEnergy) /home/asma97/.licenses/namd-multicore namd-temp.namd

couldn't execute "/home/asma97/.licenses/namd-multicore": permission denied

Info) VMD for LINUXAMD64, version 1.9.4a43 (October 26, 2020)

Info) Exiting normally.

As a result, I would really appreciate if you can help me solve this execution issue

Thank you very much,


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