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The complete resolution of the sequence of the human genome in 2016 has
been a huge milestone that continuously reveals causal relations among
pathologies and gene signaling. Moreover, the latest advances of
experimental techniques, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, provide a
direct access to 3D maps with atomic resolution of the proteins that
form cell membranes. This new accessible structural information has
become a revolution in biological sciences for the design of new drugs
that improve the well‐being of humans. Remarkably, 60% of the commercial
drugs act precisely on the proteins located at the cell membranes. With
this scenario in mind, physical models that mimic atomic interactions
within the proteins and their posterior time evolution through molecular
dynamics provide a very powerful tool for the prediction and
comprehension of membrane phenomena. Theoretical simulations of proteins
serve as guidance for the design of new drugs and help understanding the
enormous amount of experimental information available. In this project
we shall consider the Kv7.2 channel of neuron membranes — a potassium
voltage‐gated channel located in human neurons —whose functioning relies
in a potential difference induced by calmodulin (CaM). By means of
All‐atom simulations, molecular dynamics and coarse grain models, we
would like to validate two claims regarding the behavior of the
secondary structure of the IQ motiv of the channel: 1) Both wild type
and mutant can form stable helices without the ribosome; 2) Wild type
can form an alpha helix at the ribosome whereas the mutant cannot.

The successful candidate should have a PhD in physics or chemistry, and
experience in these calculations or in these techniques. Knowledge on
this and that topic will also be valuable

    How to Apply

Each position will cover a period of two years (1+1, with renewal for
the second year subject to evaluation of performance), star date will be
the last quarter of 2020. The salary will be 34.642,20€ per year (before
taxes). Funding is provided by the Research Association MPC – Materials
Physics Center. Application Process: The following documentation is
required for applying:

1. Updated CV. Please provide clear contact information.

2. Brief statement of motivation, specifying the project you are
interested in. Only one of the listed projects can be requested.

3. A letter of acceptance/support signed by the supervisor of a project
is required.

4. Reference letters are welcomed but not essential. Please mind that
candidates must choose one project only. Candidatures applying for two
or more projects at once will be automatically rejected.

All documents must be sent to

Aritz Leonardo

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