Senior Investigator/ Investigator Position (Quantum Mechanics) at Silicon Therapeutics

From: Joao Ribeiro (
Date: Mon Aug 03 2020 - 07:50:06 CDT

Dear all,

Silicon Therapeutics<> is seeking a highly motivated Investigator or Senior Investigator to work in a multi-disciplinary organization with a focus on overcoming challenging drug discovery bottlenecks using physics-based simulation methods. This position has a focus on the application of quantum mechanical (QM) methods to small molecule drug discovery problems.

Job Responsibilities

  * Develop and implement novel computational methods to address critical drug discovery needs
  * Work closely with our drug discovery team to understand project needs
  * Write scripts and workflows to streamline drug discovery efforts
  * Build software infrastructure to support platform development
  * Investigate the latest trends in scientific methods
  * Implement and maintain software engineering best practices
  * Ensure scalability, extensibility, and portability of platform code


  * Ph.D. in computational chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical physics, or related fields
  * Significant experience developing QM-based methods and working with QM code
  * Extensive programming experience (Python and C/C++ preferred)
  * Advanced knowledge of scientific algorithm development
  * Broad experience with statistical mechanics and thermodynamics
  * Peer-reviewed publications in relevant areas and/or demonstrated success in related development projects

Additional Qualifications

  * Highly motivated to develop physics-based methods for discovering better medicines
  * Ability to manage outsourced software development projects
  * Experience with parallel programming, especially data-parallel, using MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC or CUDA C/C++/Fortran
  * Experience working with containers
  * Ability to manage HPC clusters (CPU and GPU based)
  * Experience in using/deploying workflow frameworks such as Airflow, CWL, etc.
  * Experience with scientific computing systems and schedulers

For more information and application link:

Joćo Vieira Ribeiro
Software Engineer, Senior Investigator | Silicon Therapeutics
451 D Street, Boston, MA 02210<>

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