mail about cuda exculssion count

From: Vidhya Sankar (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2020 - 06:28:37 CST

Dear Namd   user ,                            I run My dna and nano pore simulation in namd 2.13 using charmm 36 force field  it run well in cpu but it shows error sometimes in GPU as follows 
Reason: FATAL ERROR: High global CUDA exclusion count!  (25501 vs 25365)  System unstable or pairlistdist or cutoff too close to periodic cell size.

some  times For the same input  configuration file it run well in same GPU in same namd 2.13 version   i  have given the same  input files  (.psf and .pdb) and same MD parameters   could  anyone help me to  give suggestion for this problem
i surfed mailing list well but   no clear idea  i am not able to get
with regardsS.vidhya sankar

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