Make error in compiling NAMD source code

From: Kosar Khajeh (
Date: Wed May 15 2019 - 04:21:50 CDT

Hello NAMD users
I tried to compile NAMD source code version 12 and 13 on ubuntu 18. I
followed all steps based on the "note" file. Unfortunately, in both cases I
faced to the same problem. I search this error, however I could not find
any comments to solve it.
At final step, I got below error;
-lmodulecompletion -lm returned error code 1
charmc exiting...
rm -f moduleinit3593.C moduleinit3593.o
Makefile:474: recipe for target 'namd2' failed
make: *** [namd2] Error 1

Any assistance is appreciated.

Best regards

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