AW: Simulation runs only in background

From: Daniel Möller (
Date: Wed Jun 01 2016 - 04:44:55 CDT



„namd2 ubq_ws_eq.conf“ -> is your namd with its input file

„> ubq_ws_eq.log “ -> is a bash function to put the normal output of the previous function to the following file (ubq_ws_eq.log)

(“>” - as a new file, and override the old file with same name; “>>” - means extend this file (or make new if not present))

„&“ -> puts this command into background - the following given number is the process id (pid)


If you want the error output from the second output channel in file too you need to put „2> ubq_ws_eq.e “ after your log-file (ubq_ws_eq.log) and your get an error file (ubq_ws_eq.e).


Hope this clears this up.





Daniel Möller




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Betreff: namd-l: Simulation runs only in background


When I type namd2 ubq_ws_eq.conf > ubq_ws_eq.log & in terminal, it gives some arbitrary number like 2858 as output in terminal, but the simulation runs in background giving all the output files. I am not sure why it doesn't show up in terminal, all the necessary information during simulation in my case here just like it does when I type only namd2 ubq_ws_eq.conf only at the terminal at the expense of log file. Thanks

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