From: Subbarao Kanchi (
Date: Tue Mar 24 2015 - 01:48:39 CDT

Hi Kathirvel,
                 you should post the error and your conf file So that I may
understand the problem. as far as I know you can not run the implicit
solvent simulations in NPT. I was tried to run membrane simulation in the
implicit solvent but the simulation went very bad and bilayer structure is
not stable with charmm36FF. I am attaching the conf file that has been
used in my implicit solvent simulation.

All the best,
Subbarao Kanchi.

On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 11:23 AM, kathirvel k <>

> Hi Subbarao,
> I am also using NAMD for my simulation work ,with implicit solvent model
> .and i got some errors in NPT steps ,i think problem occurs in my namd
> .conf file pls can you send any example .conf file for implicit
> solvent method .am eagerly waiting for your valuable reply.
> thanking you,
> With regards
> Kathirvel.K
> Sixth year Bioinformatics
> School of Life sciences,
> Bharathidasan University
> Tiruchirappalli-620 024
> Tamil Nadu, India.

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