Re: Win64-MPI

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Tue Jul 12 2011 - 08:24:28 CDT


> Thank you a lot for information which you gave about msmpi.dll. It was
> possible to run namd2 with this dll, but I have another problem. When I
> tried to use the command to run namd2 on my Windows Workstation with 8
> processor, I received an error message *"+p8 command isn't recognized".
> *
> Usually, I used the following command to perform my simulations: *charmrun
> namd2 ++local +p8 1mkj_min.conf > 1mkj_min.log.*
> Is it correct this command or it is neccesary to use another one?

You have to use mpiexec. Something like this:

*mpiexec /np 8 path\to\namd2.exe my-conf-file.conf > my-log-file.log*

here are other mpiexec options:

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