hanging at startup phase 0

From: Dong Luo (us917_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 10:47:31 CDT

I am trying to run namd parallely on two old alpha(dec
osf1)workstations through network. When I launch namd
from one machine, everything works fine until:
Info: Entering startup phase 0 with 13292 kB of memory
in use.
I am using ++verbose, so the screen is like this:
prompt>charmrun $NAMD/namd2 +p2 my.conf > my.log
Charmrun> charmrun started...
Charmrun> using ./nodelist as nodesfile
Charmrun> rsh (localhost:0d) started
Charmrun> rsh (foreignhost:1d) started
Charmrun> node programs all started
Charmrun> node programs all connected
It then hangs here, by chech the log file, I find it
hangs at startup phase o.

The two machines can ping themselves, so it's not the
same problem mentioned in the old post.

Any idea about what's going on? or a way I could get
more information about what it's trying to do at these

Thank you

group main ++pathfix /usr/users/sweec/namd $WORKPATH
host localhost
host foreignhost

Here I use ++pathfix cause foreignhost has a different
path for the current directory /usr/users/sweec/namd
like /usr_1/sweec/namd. In order to solve the problem,
I defined WORKPATH in both machines to corresponding
paths, otherwise there is a error message says No such
file or directory.

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