Re: vmd-l: Sybyl trajectory

From: Josef Scheiber (
Date: Tue Sep 06 2005 - 05:38:38 CDT

I've contacted the SYBYL support and got the hint to export the
trajectory as an ASCII file and then to convert that. They say, that it
is not possible to directly convert .his-Files but it should be no
problem to do this via a plain ASCII file.
John, if you're interested I can provide some files, that's no problem.

Best regards,

John Stone schrieb:
> If anyone actually has a description of the file format for the
> Sybyl .his files, it would probably be relatively easy to write
> a trajectory reader plugin for VMD. I don't have any documentation
> on those files, but if someone could send me information on them,
> I'd love to write a plugin for reading those files, since I know
> a number of people have asked for this.
> John Stone

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