Re: Compilation on an Opteron Server SuSE Linux Enterprise System Version 8

From: Marek Dynowski (
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 10:20:16 CDT

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 15:27, you wrote:
> I'm running namd in a opteron cluster with fedora 2.0 x86_64. I was
> also not able to compile it due to similar problems, but the binary
> NAMD_2.5_Linux-i686-TCP
> which is available in the namd site runs well. Of course, it runs as a
> 32bit application.
> Leandro.

Hi Leandro / all,

thanks for the quick answer. I tried the binary NAMD_2.5_Linux-i686-TCP, but
now I get the following error message:

Charmrun: error on request socket--
Socket closed before recv.

I found the same error message in the Charm++ FAQ:

Charmrun: error on request socket--
Socket closed before recv.
This means that the node program died without informing charmrun about it,
which typically means a segmentation fault while in the interrupt handler or
other critical communications code. This indicates severe corruption in
Charm++'s data structures, which is likely the result of a heap corruption
bug in your program. Re-linking with "-memory paranoid" may clarify the true

So I tried to compile NAMD/Charm to solve the error above ?
Do you have any suggestions ?

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