Error Running ubq-get-energy.conf

From: Raymond C. Fort Jr. (
Date: Thu Oct 16 2003 - 12:13:35 CDT

I'm still working through the namd tutorial from the web site. While
attempting to run the ubq-get-energy.conf simulation, I get the following
error message:

[rcfort_at_pemetic 2-5-spec_heat]$ Fatal error on PE 0> FATAL ERROR: can't use
empty string as operand of "!"
     while executing
"while { ![coorfile read] } {
   incr i 50 ;#since the dcd was saved every 50 steps in the ubq-nvt
   firsttimestep $i
   run 0
     (file "ubq-get-energy.conf" line

The ubq-nvt-prot.dcd file is definitely present, all 88 MB of it.

Any suggestions?


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