Re: nodelist ignored?

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 14:23:42 CDT


 Could you show us where you put the nodelist file, and what it looks
 btw, use "./charmrun ++verbose ..." at runtime should tell you more about
which nodelist it was using.


On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Nathalie Reuter wrote:

> Dear namd-users/developpers,
> I am trying to run namd (on parrallel) two sgi fuel machines, each of
> them having one processor. I launch the calculation from one of the
> machines.
> I use the command: charmrun +p2 namd2 inputfile.namd
> I have a nodelist file but strangely, it seems to be completely
> ignored. The command simply causes two namd2 processes to be launched on
> the local machine, each of them using 50% of the cpu ressources. I used
> namd2 and charm on linux clusters before and it worked fine, I could
> without any problem choose on which node to run.
> I checked that I can ssh to the machines without entering password, I
> also changed the CONV_RSH variable. Namd itself runs very well. I also
> tried to put the full path for charmrun and namd2 in the command line.
> The version of Namd2 installed is 2.5b3 for Origin2000, binaries from
> the website.
> Does anyone have any idea of what to do to solve the problem ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Nathalie Reuter

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