nodelist ignored?

From: Nathalie Reuter (
Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 12:26:51 CDT

Dear namd-users/developpers,

I am trying to run namd (on parrallel) two sgi fuel machines, each of
them having one processor. I launch the calculation from one of the

I use the command: charmrun +p2 namd2 inputfile.namd

I have a nodelist file but strangely, it seems to be completely
ignored. The command simply causes two namd2 processes to be launched on
the local machine, each of them using 50% of the cpu ressources. I used
namd2 and charm on linux clusters before and it worked fine, I could
without any problem choose on which node to run.

I checked that I can ssh to the machines without entering password, I
also changed the CONV_RSH variable. Namd itself runs very well. I also
tried to put the full path for charmrun and namd2 in the command line.

The version of Namd2 installed is 2.5b3 for Origin2000, binaries from
the website.

Does anyone have any idea of what to do to solve the problem ?

Thanks in advance,

Nathalie Reuter

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