segmentation fault

From: Cheri M Turman (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 14:12:43 CDT

I have been successfully running NAMD on many cytochrome p450s for
awhile now and for some reason I am getting a segmentation fault on only
 one of the isoforms. The only differences between the runs can only be
in the psf and pdb files because the .config are the same for all
proteins I run. I also used the same psfgen utility within NAMD to
create the psf files so that should not be the problem. The only major
difference I can see is the cell origin. My other successful protein's
origins were only + integers and with this problem potein, they are all
-. Seg faults usually deal with stacksize so I am thinking, does the
cell origin (-7 -19 -30) cause the program to require more memory? Can
anyone comment on this and help me out? Also, does anyone know how I
might recenter the protein and try my hypothesis. I am trying in VMD
but I haven't got that to work just yet. I am attaching the .log just
in case.

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