ParallelIOMgr.h File Reference

#include "ProcessorPrivate.h"
#include "charm++.h"
#include "BOCgroup.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "CompressPsf.h"
#include "Hydrogen.h"
#include "Vector.h"
#include "NamdState.h"
#include "Node.decl.h"
#include "PatchMgr.h"
#include "UniqueSet.h"
#include "UniqueSetIter.h"
#include "Molecule.h"
#include "ParallelIOMgr.decl.h"

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class  MolInfoMsg
class  HydroBasedMsg
class  MoveInputAtomsMsg
class  AtomsCntPerPatchMsg
class  MovePatchAtomsMsg
struct  ClusterElem
class  ClusterSizeMsg
struct  ClusterCoorElem
class  ClusterCoorMsg
class  ParallelIOMgr




typedef UniqueSet< ClusterElemClusterSet
typedef UniqueSetIter< ClusterElemClusterSetIter
typedef ResizeArray< ClusterSizeMsg * > ClusterSizeMsgBuffer
typedef UniqueSet< ClusterCoorElemClusterCoorSet
typedef UniqueSetIter< ClusterCoorElemClusterCoorSetIter
typedef ResizeArray< ClusterCoorMsg * > ClusterCoorMsgBuffer

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Definition at line 18 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

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typedef ResizeArray<ClusterCoorMsg *> ClusterCoorMsgBuffer

Definition at line 149 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

typedef UniqueSet<ClusterCoorElem> ClusterCoorSet

Definition at line 139 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

typedef UniqueSetIter<ClusterCoorElem> ClusterCoorSetIter

Definition at line 140 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

typedef UniqueSet<ClusterElem> ClusterSet

Definition at line 114 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

typedef UniqueSetIter<ClusterElem> ClusterSetIter

Definition at line 115 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

typedef ResizeArray<ClusterSizeMsg *> ClusterSizeMsgBuffer

Definition at line 124 of file ParallelIOMgr.h.

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