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List of Tables

  1. Mouse control hot keys.
  2. Rotation & scaling hot keys.
  3. Menu control hot keys.
  4. Animation hot keys.
  5. Description of secondary structure codes in the Sequence form.
  6. Molecular view representation styles.
  7. Color categories used in VMD.
  8. Molecular coloring methods.
  9. Available Color Scale Gradations.
  10. Atom selection keywords.
  11. Atom selection keywords (continued).
  12. Atom selection functions.
  13. Read-only atom selection keywords which may be used to query the values of an underlying volumetric map in the same molecule. The value of $N$, which can be 0 to 7 inclusively, refers to the volID of the underlying volumetric data (e.g., you could type interpvol2).
  14. Regular expression methods.
  15. Regular expression conversions.
  16. Miscellaneous Rendering Options
  17. Supported ray tracing formats.
  18. Summary of core text commands in VMD.
  19. On-line Help Sources
  20. molinfo set/get keywords
  21. Description of Tcl callback variables in VMD.
  22. Description of callbacks available to scripts running in the embedded Python interpreter.