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Dear Shruti,


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Which gaussian version did you set to be used in the fftk calculations? Is there any other message printed in the VMD terminal window?





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Subject: namd-l: vecsub:two vectors don't have the same size


Dear all,

I am generating the parameters, using FFTK tool(VMD 1.9.4), of chain molecule which has ether oxygen in it. For charge optimization, I am running water interaction calculation in Gaussian & it is terminating normally. As oxygen is h-bond acceptor, I have generated its Gaussian input file accordingly. The log file of water molecule interaction with ether oxygen is running smoothly in gview. But while uploading the log file in FFTK in "water interaction" tab, it is showing "Error:vecsub:two vectors don't have the same size". Earlier when I used FFTK for another molecule which had carbonyl oxygen, it worked without any error.
How can I resolve the error? Can anyone guide me?

Thank You in advance.



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