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Just my cents, I’m using a 4fs timestep without any problems (even REMD) by applying the hydrogen mass repartitioning scheme. As I’m using the amber forcefield, this modification can simnply be applied on the parm7 topology file using ParmED.



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Yes, the grid spacing remains 2.5 A, however for the MSMminx/MSMmaxx and corresponding values along y and z can vary. And in many cases, I got the error saying some atoms are out of the grid and I have been trying to adjust the MSMmin/max values. Worst thing is this error pops out after few hours of simulation.


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Generally, the grid spacing should be on the order of 2 to 3 Angstroms for a 12 A cutoff.


NAMD will make good choices for MSM by default, assuming you are simulating atoms.


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How do we assign the MSMx/y/z values in a simulation?
Denish Poudyal
CDPTU, Nepal
Denish Poudyal
CDPTU, Nepal

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