Re: polymer

From: Giacomo Fiorin (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2017 - 08:14:01 CDT

Hello Nehir, you can simulate any kind of systems that are described by
Class 1 force fields, such as CHARMM, AMBER and OPLS.

You need to find topology template files for the polymer of your interest,
and see if NAMD has facility to compute the properties that you are
interested in.


On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 4:02 AM, Nehir NALINCI <>

> Is polymer simulation possible with NAMD? Is there someone interested in
> polymer or oligomer? If so, I will have questions about the transfer of
> polymer from the monomer.
> Thanks in advance.

Giacomo Fiorin
Associate Professor of Research, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
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