get seed

From: Laura Joana (
Date: Fri Jul 01 2016 - 11:52:46 CDT

Dear users!

Maybe my question is more for developers than for users...

I'm interest in being able to reproduce some of my results, so I need to
fix the seed in NAMD. No problem with that, the "seed" command do it for
me! But, Lets say that I have a trajectory made by two peaces...
First of all I start with one fixed seed and I run one trajectory. Then,
using one point in the middle of this trajectory I run another one. How
could I redo the two pieces of the trajectory without storing the position
and velocities from this middle point? I can just have the initial position
+ velocity + seed of the first point, the number of steps until the middle
point and the seed of the middle point!
So my question is:
*Is there a way in NAMD to get the seed he is going to use for the next
random number ?*


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