Unexpected(?) callback behavior when minimizing before MD

From: Radak, Brian K (bradak_at_anl.gov)
Date: Tue Apr 12 2016 - 16:02:34 CDT

I have been putting together a simulated tempering package in Tcl and obviously need to make use of "callback." However, I noticed some strange behavior in the code which, as best as I can tell, only presents itself when "minimize" is called in the Tcl script. The main symptom is that querying the potential energy (I'd imagine other quantities too, but I didn't check) comes back with a large, negative, but otherwise random value (usually closed to, but not quite, -100000).

Here's some pseudo code:

=== GOOD ===
source myscript.tcl
run ;# normal MD
myRunProc ;# <-- callback gets used in here

=== BAD ===
source myscript.tcl
run ;# normal MD
myRunProc ;# <-- callback gets used in here

This is mildly inconvenient, since I would presumably need to separate my minimization and MD scripts. Does anyone have ideas as to why this happens? know of any workaround?

Brian Radak
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Argonne National Laboratory

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