Post Doctoral Fellow Opening at IBM for Biomolecular Modeling

From: Tien Huynh (
Date: Tue Apr 05 2016 - 18:30:43 CDT

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center located in Yorktown Heights, NY
expects to hire two more Postdoctoral Fellows in the Soft Matter Science
Department, Healthcare & Life Sciences Research. The position will involve
contributing to ongoing research program in protein science and
biomolecular modeling. We are interested in candidates with deep
theoretical and technical knowledge in relevant aspects of computational
biology and bioinformatics, including but not limited to novel
computational algorithms and methods, large scale molecular dynamics
simulations, free energy perturbation, parallel programming, multiscale
modeling, and structural interpretation, in particular multiscale
modeling. Demonstrated communication skills, ability to interact with a
technically diverse team and publication record are critical.The Soft
Matter Science Group at IBM Research aims to address important questions
and problems in soft matter, structural biology, and biomolecular
dynamics, using High Performance Computing (HPC), such as IBM Blue Gene
supercomputers. It pursues a broad but well grounded approach to leverage
and expand upon our existing techniques for scientific and technological
advancement. More information about the group can be found at .
Interested readers should apply to the following link or send an email to (Ruhong Zhou).

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