problem with +devices using

Date: Tue Apr 05 2016 - 06:35:23 CDT


I use a CUDA build of NAMD, and want to run 2 jobs simultaneously.
We have 4 devices, so I assign +devices 0,1 for the first job and
+devices 2,3 for the second.
When I run the first job, everything is ok, and it runs well on 2 devices
and uses 65-70% of the devices' resources.
But when I add the second job, the performance drops immediately to 10-11%
on all 4 devices!

How to solve this problem?

Here is the command I run namd:

+setcpuaffinity +p18 +devices 0,1 +idlepoll A.conf > A.log

Thank you in advance,

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