Re: Announcement: 'Hands On' Workshop on Computational Biophysics (Berkeley, CA, Aug 3-7, 2015)

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Date: Wed May 20 2015 - 00:33:00 CDT

Organize some in India and China too, it is too expensive and almost
difficult to get funds for training abroad.


On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 10:36 AM, Lela Vukovic <> wrote:

> The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group, NIH Resource
> for Macromolecular Modeling and Bioinformatics ( at
> the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (, announces
> a
> "Hands-On" Workshop on Computational Biophysics
> to be held August 3-7, 2015 at the University of California Berkeley.
> Application, selection, and notification of participants is on-going
> through July 15, 2015.
> The workshop will explore physical models and computational approaches
> used for the simulation of biological systems and the investigation of
> their function at an atomic level. The course will be based on case
> studies, and will cover the following topics: using the biophysics software
> VMD and NAMD, applications of VMD and NAMD in modern research, force
> fields and parameterizing new molecules, modeling nucleic acid systems,
> computational nano-bio, molecular dynamics flexible fitting of structures
> into cryo electron microscopy maps, and refinement of low resolution
> crystal structures. Relevant physical concepts, mathematical techniques,
> and computational methods will be introduced.
> The workshop is designed for graduate students and postdoctoral
> researchers in computational and/or biophysical fields who seek to extend
> their research skills to include computational and theoretical expertise,
> as well as other researchers interested in theoretical and computational
> biophysics. Theory sessions in the morning will be followed by hands-on
> computer labs in the afternoon in which students will be able to set up and
> run simulations. Enrollment limited to 24 participants. The workshop will
> be held August 3-7, 2015. All participants are required to bring their own
> laptop, prepared for use in workshop tutorial sessions. Course materials
> will be provided.
> The workshop is sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical
> Sciences ( and the NIH Center for Macromolecular
> Modeling and Bioinformatics.
> We look forward to receiving your application!
> TCBG Workshop Organizers
> Email:

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