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In the future, you will get much better advice if you aim these questions
at the official NAMD listserv.

That being said, I think your problem stems from a fundamental
misunderstanding of how NpT and implicit solvent simulations work. The
latter are generally formulated as a grand-canonical muVT ensemble and are
thus wholly incompatible with pressure control. An exception to this would
be the use of a stochastic solvent boundary, but one could argue that that
is not really an implicit solvation approach, but more of a hybrid model.

Hope that helps,

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   Hi brain,

 I am also using NAMD for my simulation work ,with implicit solvent model
.and i got some errors in NPT steps ,i think problem occurs in my namd
.conf file only.so pls can you send any example .conf file for implicit
solvent method .am eagerly waiting for your valuable reply

                                               thanking you,

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