FATAL ERROR: Low global exclusion count!

From: Yongcheng Zhou (yzhou_at_math.colostate.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 18 2015 - 18:29:33 CST

Dear all, I was tring to do a sterred residue-based coarse grained
simulation of a very small protein 1AJJ, but got the following error
before the the first step of the simulation:

   FATAL ERROR: Low global exclusion count! System unstable or
   pairlistdist or cutoff too small

There actually is a thread in this maillist on a similar problem years


but no final solution was given unfortunately. I am attaching the pdb,
psf, and ref files here, and the info below produced following this


might be helpful too if anyone would want to help with this.

Many thanks!


cellBasisVector1 19.894999235868454 0 0
cellBasisVector2 0 21.364999771118164 0
cellBasisVector3 0 0 26.67400074005127
cellOrigin 11.019709587097168 6.169844150543213 3.2374091148376465
Particle count: 83

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