tclBCArgs, passing floating point lists

Date: Thu Jan 22 2015 - 14:03:21 CST

I keep running into a segmentation fault error when passing arguments into
tclBCArgs like below:

tclBC on
tclBCScript {
    wrapmode cell
    proc calcforces {step unique static_logdens} {
    while {[nextatom]} { }
tclBCArgs {"-16.11809565095832 -16.11809565095832 -16.11809565095832
-16.11809565095832 -16.11809565095832 -16.11809565095832"}

The above is only an example of how I was able to pinpoint the problem,
not what I'm really trying to do. In fact, I remove one or two of the
numbers in the list, everything runs fine. Otherwise, I believe it is
crashing in the startup.
Any help would be welcomed,
Bradley Treece

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