Multiple tcouple (Nonequilbirium molecular dynamics)

Date: Tue Jan 06 2015 - 03:51:07 CST

Happy New Year,I have a question regarding Non-Equilbirium Molecular Dyamics (NEMD) in NAMD(the heat diffusion tutorial).

Is it possible to define two different temperature using "tcouple" feature of NAMD?

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Dear  Branko and Jeff
thank you very much for the information
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It is CH2Cl2 cluster, which can be used for solvation, in VegaZZ ( If you need CHARMM36 parameters for CH2Cl2 solvated amino acid or similar, you could use paramchem server, as Jeff suggested


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Can anyone provide me with the topology and parameter files for dichloromethane as a solvent instead of water.

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