Re: problem with water molecules angle in MD simulation

From: Tristan Croll (
Date: Fri Jan 30 2015 - 02:43:42 CST

That's a question for someone who knows the guts of NAMD a lot better than I. For the time being, if you're worried about it a simple workaround would be to write an extrabonds file to maintain either the angle or the H-H distance during minimization. Try this in the tkconsole:

set outfile [open extrabonds-water.txt w]

set bondstrength 200

set Hdist 1.598

set water [atomselect top water]

foreach res [lsort -unique [$water get residue]] {

  set thisH1 [atomselect top "residue $res and name H1"]

  set thisH2 [atomselect top "residue $res and name H2"]

  set H1index [$thisH1 get index]

  set H2index [$thisH2 get index]

  puts $outfile "bond $H1index $H2index $bondstrength $Hdist"


close $outfile

Then run your minimization with this extrabonds file applied, and remove it for the equilibrium dynamics.

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Thank you for tying it on your machine. The questions is why this is happening. Did you have any explanation for it?

Best Regards

On Jan 30, 2015, at 3:25 AM, Tristan Croll <<>> wrote:

I tried this out on my machine using TIP3P water, the CHARMM-36 forcefield, and NAMD 2.10, and I see the same thing. During energy minimization the water molecules adopt a wide range of angles down to about 95 degrees, but they all snap back to ideality as soon as the equilibrium simulation starts.


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Couldn't see anything unsual. Have you already tried recreating the .top file, sometimes there are corruptions which lead to such behavior?

Norman Geist.

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An: Norman Geist
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Hi Norman,
The minimization and constant T simulation input files are attached.
The rigid bond option did not work when used in Minimization simulation.
Thank You!

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