Multiple input and output files

From: Debashis Kundu (
Date: Wed Nov 05 2014 - 20:20:37 CST

Hello NAMD users,

My name is Debashis. I am new to NAMD and this is my first mail. I am
trying to run NPT of 4 configurations of a system. The configurations have
same number of atoms. The topology and pdb files are in respective
directories. I am trying to generate a single NPT script which will take
input from each directory one after another and dump the output in
respective directory. The simulation will run in series. I have tried to
search suitable command in user guide but unable to find it. Please suggest
me about the suitable commands for that.

*Thanks and Regards*
Debashis Kundu
PhD student
Drexel University
Dept. of Chemical & Biological Engg.

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