Re: Help to solve the error

From: Flora Chettiar (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2014 - 01:47:09 CDT

Thank you so much for reverting back to my mail.

The following are the things used:
1) Command used in cmd prompt after all the psf & wb files are generated
(This is the second last step of simulation):

C:\VMD>charmrun namd2 ++local +p 2
proteinname_autopsf_wb_eq.conf>proteinname_autopsf_wb_eq.log &

The above code gives error such as:
charmrun: Error on socket recv
or else some fatal error

2) The config file is attached in the file.
3) Found the tutorials very difficult to read.

Please help me in solving this error as I need to complete my work within a
day or two and need to submit my dissertation.

Flora Chettiar.

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