error in psf file

From: farzad kiani (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2012 - 09:47:00 CST

Hi, I want to make psf file for carbon nanotube I used below tcl in VMD package require topotools topo retypebonds topo guessangles topo guessdihedrals mol reanalyze 0 animate write psf cnt.psf  but in psf file there is no atom name  PSF        1 !NTITLE  REMARKS VMD-generated NAMD/X-Plor PSF structure file     1658 !NATOM        1      1    C    C    C      0.000000       12.0110           0 I am adding name manually to psf file, but when I run it by namd X-polar psf error happen Dose anyone know what should I do? thanks a lot Kiani

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